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dogging advertsLets face it we brits do love our Dogging and if your looking for the best place to meet with dogging couples & single both online and at UK dogging locations you really need not look any further than Dogging Ads for the very best in current and up to date information

The UK dogging scene has changed over the years and what started out as an almost underground movement has gone so mainstream that its discussed quite openly within the media & press, which many will say has not helped members that enjoy dogging

The media in its own right has brought dogging & some of its private locations into the forefront of the authorities and that means one thing along the Police and there wonderful hotspots for dogging patrols !!!

But even with the police doing there best to stop our dogging fun its something thats NEVER going to happen as we dogging & swingers love the idea of fucking outdoors and you know its something we will keep doing ................just now you have to be a little more careful, does that make you want to stop? ............................nope !!! just makes you want to find more UK dogging locations

Where to meet dogging couples & find dogging ads / locations

If you want to find dogging locations and read dogging adverts you've come to the best place and you know the real icing on the cake ...its FREE no mobile premium numbers to call, no paid memberships its all FREE and its our members we have to thank for this up to date dogging information

As a adult contacts and swingers site one thing we don't have a shortage of is dogging ads & members to access, but to give you some idea of what couples and members are posting we've opened up the member section to give you a sneak preview of the dogging adverts & location information we have inside the members section

You can see genuine dogging images from members profiles once you join

As a free members just check out some of features you have FOR FREE and now DIRECTLY from here you can access local ads - please note as a member you can filter this for dogging contacts ONLY


  • Free access to dogging forums postings
  • space to post your own dogging messages
  • view members submitted photos
  • free access to dogging blogs
  • private email account to store and keep all your dogging email messages
  • Unlimited space for YOUR dogging ad / swingers profile
  • Access to chatroom's
  • Search a database of members ads from Scotland, Wales, Ireland

And all this for FREE so join us today and start reading private members posting detailing locations, times and places they will be dogging


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