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cottaging sites Want to find current cottaging locations, gloryholes or just meets with gay guys around public toilets also known as cottages, although I didn't know the term cottage was called that after toilet blocks looking like small cottages ...thanks wiki ;o)

The idea of anonymous sex encounters has driven guys to using cottaging locations or public lavatory for cruising sexual partners , but finding safe place to meet means its a little more than just turning up to ANY public location or toilet

And this is where the internet "cums" comes into play as a means of finding current cottaging locations or even gloryhole locations, although most of the gloryholes I've seen posted about normally get filled by local councils faster than they are created ..........................................grumpy fuckers ;o(

With councils doing there best to stop our fun by blocking over gloryholes and the police increasing its patrols over public toilets, parks or indeed any public location you really do have to be a little more savvy when it comes arranging outdoor sex with other gay guys

Where to meet gay & bi males for outdoor sex locations

This is the main reason your here either as a bimale looking for meets with other guys or as a gay male wanting outdoor sex at UK cottaging locations and if you want to find places to meet its clear the best people to tell you are the guys using these cottaging spots around the UK

Within the members section we have dedicated forums for dogging and cottaging locations where members can post up details of locations, sometimes these locations will be at cottages ( public toilets) that are not being used by guy / bi males so meaning they are more "off the map" ( not patrolled by the police) other times it could be public parks or industrial estates

So if your looking for safe & current cottaging locations and maybe even the odd gloryholes or two join us for FREE today and start reading the postings made within the forums section as thats fully available to Free members. Posted within this site are sample postings made by bimales / Gay & tranny members and these are just example posting for full details join us today

genuine bi male / gay cottaging photos - hence edited

As a member you'll have access to loads of great features to help you meet with local gay contacts that enjoy outdoor sex......check out some of the features

  • Access gay / bi male profiles around the uk that are looking for cottaging meets
  • view members profile photos ( paid member have large images)
  • upload your own profile plus photos
  • directly access members cottaging blogs / forum postings
  • free email account
  • search profiles submitted by gay males / bisexual guys
  • Chatroom - Webcam for paid members

Plus loads more, if your looking for a great place to meet with bimale for cottaging sex or gay guys for some outdoor meets then use the banner and join for FREE or if you want advanced features a paid member ( full details of what members get can be found here )


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