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cumbria flashing wifeLets be honest most to the time when you see a Cumbria dogging wife or contact they are just flashing or giving you enough to shag the wife or enjoy a flash whilst giving you a blow job..........but not the case with this Cumbrian dogging wife !!!! ..........yum

I've only ever meet up with a couple where the wife was completed naked at some dogging location but this horny wife is like that at some Cumbria Industrial estate by the looks of things and more than ready to be FUCKED

If its contacts Cumbria dogging contacts & locations like this wife your after then you can be sure you won't be looking around for long as we've got loads of members that enjoy the Cumbrian dogging scene and lets be honest when you have so many places and national parks meeting up outdoors is easy.........

To give you some idea whats inside the members section I've posted some sample forums / message board and dogging blogs postings made by members along with some photos from Cumbria swingers & dogging contacts......but better still is FREE access to all members profile so you can read for yourself just what members are looking for and details of the locations they are posting

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  • Brampton

    *Anyone from the Brampton area fancy meeting up? we are a horny in fact VERY horny couple that love the outdoor scene and looking for meets with couples ONLY - we use the picnic area between Warwick Bridge and Brampton on the A69 (hehe) drop us a line and we'll tell you times when we will be out .

  • Carlisle

    * Warning - if you've been using Highstand carpark thats near cotehill watch out as the police are starting to use unmarked cars and pulling people over - so far they are just moving them on but if you piss them off I can see some of the more grumpy fuckers pulling you into the local nic

  • Kendal

    *Do you know the Heron pub? is so lets meet I'm a oral bi male that love sucking guys off and I've had quite a few guys that come of of the pub and fancy a quick blow job! I would consider more but only if someone was on look out after all the last things you want is some guy fucking you when the police turn up!

  • Silloth (west beach dogging)

    * We ( me and the girlfriend) stumbled across this location when we "really" was walking the dog LOL . Head down towards the harbour walls and you can tell the ones looking for meets as they are faced away from the beach with side lights on - kinda give away really. If you fancy meeting up drop us a line

  • Allonby

    * anyone want to meet a horny cumbria tranny for some naughty outdoor sex? I use the car parks down the coastal Rd they are VERY secluded and lots of action with both couples, gay guys cottaging and tranny admirers at weekend so why not meet up

  • Workington

    * We are a mature couple that live in Workington and meet with males by the old golf course. Also the carpark at Harrington Marina facing towards the beach. If you fancy meeting up drop me a message. My husband is a cuckold doggging male in that he likes to watch and taking photos

I've only posted a few recent locations and as these have been posted within the forums sections members have contributed further either offering other places to meet or further details

Join us today and start enjoy some outdoor sex around Cumbria dogging locations........its really FREE


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