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sissy cuckold dogging husbandThey really don't get anymore submissive than this Aberdeen Dogging male! For most Scotland cuckold husbands one cum load is normally enough to please a Scottish hotwife but not this one !!

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Cumeating Dogging husband - Real Scotland cuckold confessions

My wife and and I live in the center of Aberdeen and have been enjoying the Scottish cuckold scene for sometime and during that time our roles have taken a turn and she has turned me into a sissy cum eating I mind, like fuck I love watching my horny scottish wife getting fucked and then offering "forced" cuckold clean up

This is a real cuckold story and tells about what happened when we meet with a Aberdeen bull and his love for not only fucking my wife whilst I watch, but turning me into a cum eating husband! - read, enjoy and check out my Scotland blog for more stories

It was a warm summers night and my wife wanted to make the most of it and she new her lover was going t be around so dropped him a email asking if he was up for some outdoor sex, he didn't need to asked twice and also told her he would be bringing a friend along to help with the fucking

I was watching tv and my wife went upstaires and 20 minutes later came back into the room looking like a real slut wife and she told me not to get excited as this wasn't for my benifit and walking towards me pulled her very short dress up to show off her shaven fanny " next time you see that it will be full of some ohter guys cum, we are going dogging so lets go", with that I followed her and grabbed to keys

She told me we were going to a popular Aberdeen dogging location although had arranged for her bull and a friend to meet us, as I drove my wife to meet martin (her cuckold lover), we pulled into the car park and he was standing in the corner of the park by some picnic tables and my wife told me to park in the corner so I could enjoy watching her getting fucked!

Parking up she got out and walked over and once with Marting he was touching her and looking at her very short skirt and like the slut wife she is bent over the park bench and pulled her dress up to show off the fact she had no knickers on and confirmed she was shaved as thats how he likes her

My wife turned towards me telling me to "fuck off" and with this pulled the car a little bit further back into the park, and I was at first a litte disapointed as i wanted to watch her get fucked in public, but even reversing back a bit I was able to just make them out.

Martin first fucked her as she was bent over the park table now and it seemed like he was fucking her for ages till he came inside her and almost straight away the other guy walked up behind her and carried on fucking her, after a little while he must have cum as she was walking towards the car and I assumed I was going to be talking her home

Walking up to the drivers window she knocked on window, looking towards her " ready to home hun", "NO" get out of the car and knell down on the floor, with that she opened her legs and knew what she wanted so I moved my face towards her pussy and pulling her skirt up saw all the other guys cum trickling from her pussy and cum all around her thighs

I started licking her out, she was svery and still hot from fucking and she told me with no knickers some of the cum had trickled down her legs so make sure you lick and eat all the cum from her so I had better clean her well, I'd just finished when Marting retunred asking " has the cucky down a good job cleaning you", with this she looked at her pussy and looking towards my face could see the other guys cum all over my face "yes, nice and clean nd ready to be fucked again"

With that she returned back the park bench !!

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