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Understand if someone is dogging or not - read guides on tips for dogging and meeting contacts

dogging etiquetteThats right dogging does have "etiquette" or maybe better put " how to contact dogging couples when out dogging"

Most will have some idea of whats needed to be done when you go out to get the attention of dogging contacts when your in a car park or public place

After all just because you'll pulled into some public car park and see another car parked up just "how do you know if they are dogging or not?" As daft as it may seem you''' be amazed just how many members within the forum post question just asking how to tell if people are dogging or not

With that I mind I thought I'd add this section to give you an overview on some of the dogging etiquette / rules of engagement LOL - in other words "How do you know if a couple are dogging or not"

Its not such a daft question when you think about it, after all the last thing you want to do is walk up to a parked car and hope they are a dogging contact, its far better to understand the signals involved of which theres a few

Rules of dogging / etiquette within outdoor sex

The first thing I would say is by pre-arranging a meet with a couple this does take a LOT of the risk factor away, after all you can get details of the car or a better indication as to where the dogging couple will be -

But if your NOT in that position he's a few tips on dogging etiquette / or how to spot dogging contacts when you first park up in car parks or public places!

  • How to find dogging contactsThe main signal that someone looking for dogging sex is by leaving your interior light on inside your car when parked this normal means your looking for voyeur or you want other dogging males to watch you and your partner - often used by couples that are only looking for dogging contacts to watch them.
  • Another good indicator is to flash your car brake lights / headlights this is one of the main used to tell people your looking for meets and passers in near by cars will often then come over
  • By winding your windows down this means you want action! and rather than just wanting to be watched your looking for couples / males to be played with
  • Leaving the car door open is one that manly use and by leaving the real door open is open invitation to all contacts
  • If dogging in fields / playing fields or public parks taking a flash light is a good idea and when walking around try flashing it a few times, unlike dogging in cars there are few guidelines to follow for sex in parks

When you do go dogging its a good idea to take condoms, wet wipes and some lube and from a personal viewpoint leave cash / wallets at home as whilst most never have any problems dogging you are still having sex in the open so leaving yourself open for possible problems

But by far I would recommend pre arranging dogging meets as this will take a lot of the guessing away and far less risk t

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