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dogging photosLooking to find genuine dogging photos? want to find photos of couples having sex outdoors? well lets put it this way if you want the REAL DEAL your going to struggle!!! now you really didn't expect that

We are all used to seeing these dogging photos of couples fucking outdoors but the VAST amount are fakes only put there for one reason alone to get you to join up to some members based dogging porn website

We are NOT a porn website and all images used here are taken directly from dogging couples profiles and show them involved in some type of outdoor sex or outdoor flashing

The reason the vast bulk doesn't show couples having sex is pretty obvious if like myself your into dogging - hoe many times whilst fucking some guys wife or meeting a couple have you seen flash lights and cameras going off ? not often I bet

The last thing you want when dogging is some husband getting the camera out and taking photos whilst your dogging or fucking his wife, after all you mite as well put a big sign up when flashes start going off at night at public car parks or country parks

So the images below are from dogging couples, some will show them have sex, other will show the wife flashing off at dogging locations around the UK, but what each and every one is is totally genuine dogging couples photos that are looking for meets NOW

UK Dogging photos - wives flashing dogging locations photos

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