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DorsetBordering with Hampshire the Dorset dogging locations often mix up especially around the New Forest which lets be honest when it comes to prime dogging locations they don't come much better than fucking on a park bench in the forest!

It has always been a bit of the myth that Dorset was full of old retired couples that had no interest in meeting with swingers & Dorset Dogging contacts, well I can put that myth firmly in the bin

Not only does Dorset have a massive amount of dogging & wife swapping contacts its got one of the busiest forums sections with parties being announced and details of couples looking to meet for some outdoor sex, and whilst Dorset may have its fare mix of mature swingers there's a lot of younger members and not forgetting a bit of maturity and experience goes a long way !!

The sample postings below are direct from the forums sections from member telling others about Dorset dogging locations and arranging outdoor meets with others. The images are ALL members although edited to protect there identity

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  • Bournemouth

    * We used to use Meyrick Park Car Park which is probably one of the most used locations in Dorset for both couples, crossdressers & gay guys but its now so patrolled by the police you mite as well forget it - we've been using Matchams. Most people in Ringwood / Bournemouth will probably know this but take the lane off Matchams Lane, sign posted to Matchams race circuit then turn up the right hand lane until you find the car-park at the view point - Its probably not as busy as other Bournemouth dogging locations but its very secluded and private. If you want to meet let us know we are 37/34 couple with a wife that loves fucking with a group watching her.

    * Warning "Branksome Library Car Park" don't use this theres more police there than a policeman's ball ! - you have been warned

    *We used use Meyrick Park Car Park lot but right now its either yobs or police stopping the action and a lot of the couples that used to use it have moved onto to other places around Bournemouth and some have now moved to Bow Brickhill Golf club - but watch out for the grounds mean - if you want to meet private mail me

    *Matchams Dogging friday eve's. Hi I'm setting up a small group of dogging contacts for regular meets at matchams veiw Bournemouth. WE have couples, single females & males and I would love to here back from anyone interested in joining our group

  • Blandford

    * I'm a tranny looking for some meets with admirers at Stour Park at the back of tescos its a very private location around the back and has some woods where no one will see what we are up to. I'm only looking for oral meets and will be fully dressed. PS. There are security guards patrolling but they are happy to leave doggers alone, in fact a few like to watch!

  • Holton Heath Trading Park (Wareham)

    * On the Poole to Wareham road turn onto the trading estate drive to the end of road and take the right and park up at the roundabout, you can gain access into the heathland, Its very quite and manly couples do not use the other end

  • Bridport

    * More cottaging than dogging but if your looking to meet up with some Dorset Crossdressers & gay guys the action is pretty full on with lorry drivers enjoying some tranny oral sex. Its the toilet on the Honiton Road - you can't miss it the carpark is large and lorries are parked up. Last time I was at the loo in one of of the cubicles was a glory hole with loads of gay action. - not many couples

  • Swanage

    * Want to meet with horny Swanage Swingers? that enjoys a bit of voyeur sex? My wife loves it when others watch us fuck and have been using the car park near the pier ( Broad Street. ) so if you want to watch drop us a message and we'll let you know when we will be out - NOT looking for meets but happy for guys to watch us

  • Sturminster (Newton Mill)

    * Its just off the A357 ( use google maps if you can't find it) its the picnic area just past the traffic lights on main A357 heading towards Sturminster. I was there last night and watched a couple fucking and afterwards wanked over the wife's tits. Anyone want to meet with horny male.

  • Poole

    * "We used to use the Sand Banks by Shore Road car parks but its dead there now so looking for other Poole Dogging meets! - Anyone know a good location?

    * We use Studland sand dunes & Nudist Beach you'll always get loads of couples down there and really to be honest you don't need directions to it. Most people know the Studland Naturist Beach although thankfully at night that because a dogging beach LOL. You will have to watch out for police but with all the dunes its easy to hide which also makes it a bit more fun. You will find Gays cottaging and some crossdressers but thats not really a problem

  • Ringstead

    * anyone for meets at Ringstead Car park? if you don't know the beach theres a small secluded, grass car park near the beach at Ringstead. You get to it approached from Upton ( A353) main road to Weymouth) drop me a line and I'll tell you days & times we will be there .

  • Weymouth

    * Anyone want to meet with a couple along Preston Beach Road ? We've been using Preston Beach for a while and its VERY private and easy access to the fields where you can have a much more secluded Weymouth dogging meet - Park up in the car park then look out for couples - we normally use it friday nights but drop us a line and we'll tell you when to meet

  • Wareham A35 dogging

    *We are a young couple that meet just by Wareham Forest near the A35 between Poole and Dorchester. Theres lots of good places around the forest so drop us a line and were tell you were and when.

  • Muscliffe

    * WARNING - if you use Lane River car park in Muscliffe STOP, we've been using this location for a while but its over run with idiots and kids doing there best to spoil serious dogging couples.

If you want to find Dorset dogging locations the best people to ask are the members using them and with free membership it won't even cost you anything to join and ask them !!! By using a members only section you'll know the information is current and you'll be able to arrange a direct meet with the member .................


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