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Standing naked outdoors I was so wet - First time dogging


you know when you want to get into dogging at first finding current locations is hard going ...well that is until you join a dogging contact site...This is my first time dogging story, enjoy

dogging expereinceWhere to start, I’d always wanted to try dogging theres just something about meeting up with a stranger and fucking him outdoors so after little success at finding local locations I headed online and joined a dogging contacts website

Once a member I soon started getting attention from all ages but I really wanted to meet with guys around my age of 35. One night I longed into the site just to check out the forum to see if anyone had posted anything and this guy called Ben sent me a message and after checking his profile out responded back saying I was more than up for a meet . As he was online I got an answer straight away and we arranged to meet in this quite picnic location he told me about

Pulling into the picnic location he was certainly right about it being dead and I would have never dreamed this to be the place to meet up. His car pulled into the gravel carpark and he told me to drive over to the far side so getting back into the car I flowed him over there. We both parked up and he said he uses this part of the carpark because you can see people driving along the main road so very safe…sounds good to me  

I followed him over to some trees and once there I decided to take the lead and drop the shoulders on my dress and let it fall to the floor. Walking over towards me he kissed me and put his hand into my knickers and started to play with my clit. I was already wet and his fingers were slipping into with ease and I hoped that something a lot bigger was going to get pushed into me later on …after all I’d already seen Ben’s cock from his profile page and he was not small

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Ben’s fingers were probing deep inside my pussy and maybe it was because I was dogging for the first time, or just the fact I was outside virtually naked but I came really fast and let out a moan and my legs nearly buckled with the intensity of my first orgasm, moving my hand down to Bens I pulled his fingers from my pussy that were covered in my juices and licking them clean told him it was my turn

Then told him “get your cock out” and with that he unzipped and got out one of the biggest cocks I’d seen a while and must have been 9” and HARD and crouching down I pulled back his foreskin and saw some pre cum leaking and not wanting to miss out I placed my tong on the end of his cock and licked around it getting every drop of his sweet pre cum …. Then opening my mouth wide sucked his full cock all the way back and to me surprise I was able to stop myself from gagging.

 Taking all his nine or so inches I was sucking him gently, pulling my head back a little and then slowly bobbed my head up and down and with my fingers now inside my pussy I was getting sooo wet as I’m masturbating with fingers darting inside my hole getting ready for a fucking.

Pulling my head back I stand up and resting my hands against the car I turn towards him and open my legs and turning around the Ben “ I hope you brought a rubber I want you inside me” with that he reaches into his pocked and pulls out a rubber and slips it on

With my legs open he rubs his cock between my legs and teases my cunt as I pushed back against him and he guides his cock into my soaking wet hole. I’ve never been fucked by suck a big cock and with my cunt being soaking cunt I stretch open easily for him taking him with ease and I moaned with pleasure.

He pushes deep inside and reaching around starts to caress my tits pinching my erect nipples and again I could feel the tingles building towards orgasm and supporting myself against the car I told him I was going to cum again and called out loudly to fuck me hard not caring that I was outside and the anybody could hear me.

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