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crossdressersWant to find free dogging information? looking for the best place to meet with horny dogging housewives and in most cases there cuckold husbands watching?

Well I'll give you a clue ...........right here - We are a UK adult contacts website with thousands of members going right across the UK and where ever you have horny adult contacts you also will have dogging couples, females & needless to say single males

So whats the catch as nothing is for FREE, no catch and the reason is simple in that we offer two types of memberships, a FREE one & paid membership. As a free member you'll have access to dogging contacts & profiles along with the dogging forums section where couples post FREE to read dogging information, profiles and better still current and used dogging locations

But it gets even better, once a member you'll be able to read members dogging postings, check there photos out but better still directly send them a message asking when they will be dogging again and pre arrange to meet them at the dogging location they use

So not only will you be able to access thousands of horny couples dogging adverts you'll be able to send messages to them and check out what they look like and the real icing is its free to join as a basic member. Posted below are details of the FREE & paid member features.

Features for dogging members

  • space to upload your dogging profile
  • unlimited webspace for photos and videos
  • access to dogging forums
  • dogging message boards & chatroom's
  • view members dogging ads
  • access small photos via forums or profiles
  • email accounts
  • search contacts via search or forums

Paid members have more features (all the above plus)

  • View large photos and members dogging videos
  • advance searching of locations
  • Instant access to dogging forums
  • folder for private photos ( this folder is password protected)
  • webcam chatroom's
  • rank higher when members search for local contacts ( paid displayed first)
  • set up friends alerts when they come online

Most members join for FREE then upgrade later should they want the advance features, plus as a free member you can have access to all the great dogging features and start meeting up with local contacts

ts easy to see just why we are the UK's leading adult contacts and dogging information website, so join us today

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As a free you'll have access to dogging photos that have not been cropped


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