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HampshireLets be honest if your going to look for horny Hampshire dogging contacts their really one place to look and thats right on the coast!

Why, having spent a great deal of time working in a navy base in a sleep old town called Gosport I can tell you without a doubt there's more dogging action going on there than any other place I stayed at!

Boarding between Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Surrey, and West Sussex. It has an area of over 1,400 square miles of prime dogging real estate LOL with more members than any other group and from looking at the sample images posted more than a few horny Hants Swingers contacts!

I've posted some sample forum postings by members that live around the South Coast including a few places if I'm honest I've never heard off although after reading these forum postings will be making sure the next time I'm looking at Dogging in Hampshire will drop these members a line and hopefully meet

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When dogging take care to look out for police patrolling and idiot adults trying to spoil our dogging fun, of which it does seem like its a growing trend

  • Southampton

    * We;ve been dogging in southampton for sometime and whilst we love the outdoor scene are starting to use more private venues so if you want to meet with a couple drop us a line - but for those that want to risk it try Southampton Common and take the road into Cemetery road just off Winchester road you'll find a large cul-de-sac with a carpark that you "can" sometime get dogging action but you will need to be careful

    *I'm fed up with risking it at Southampton cottaging locations so I'm heading to the Pink Broadway gay sauna off East Street opposite Debenhams. Anyone fancy meeting up either gay or bi? having sex in a sauna is far more fun than some smelly toliet !!

  • Ringwood

    * I was told about dogging at Ringwood although I've been there loads of times and never get any action so either Ringwood swingers / doggers have found somewhere else and not posted it our I'm just unlucky! - if you know any places drop me a message

  • Basingstoke

    * Anyone want to meet up at Lime Pit Carpark near Old Basingstoke - we often use it on Saturday night although you will get a lot gay guys cottaging, but its more people to look out for trouble. We also have a few other places we meet that are not really Basingstoke dogging locations more just fields where you can have outdoor sex but in private so if you fancy meeting contact us

  • Portsmouth

    * Warning Don't use The Viewpoint (carpark) on Portsmouth Hill its by Fort Nelson and whilst it may have started out as one of the best hampshire dogging locations now its dead or loads of single guys waiting around that normally get moved on when the police turn up

    Bimale oral sex at Churchillian Car Park on Portsmouth Hill anyone? theres still action going on so drop me a message and lets meet. I'm only offering oral sex. I know a few other Hampshire cottaging sites if you want to drop me a line

    Eastney - Anyone want to meet up by Hayling Ferry? I've been dogging there for sometime with my husband and not only is it very quite but you can see people approaching for some distance so no worries about the police turning up - plus theres loads of boats to hide behind and fuck! - We are 34/31 and keen to hear from single males or just drop us a line and we'll tell you the next time we will at the ferry

    Eastney Beach - any guys want to bareback fuck my girlfriend on the beach? we use beach shelter about half way down the beach and if you site facing towards the beach its VERY private. I have seen a few gay guys cottaging as well

    Anyone for meets with a Southsea dogging tranny? I meet in varoius places around Southsea either the beach or around Canoe Lake and love meeting with guys for fun and having my photo taken

    Anyone want to meet at Gun Wharf quays ? I'm a young guy and looking to meet with couples or females

    Broadmarsh dogging? drive down Hants Farm Way and use main carpark ..loads going on

  • Titchfield

    * Drive down Posbrook Lane then into Meon Rd its a busy Hampshire cottaging area and some couples if you go through into the car park the woodland area at the back is private although you will have to watch out for REAL "shocking" people walking there dogs

    Botley Woods dogging!! anyone want to meret up ? best place is just off Titchfield lane so drop me a line. But before you want to meet my wife is a BBW dogging wife so admirers only need bother contacting us. She loves oral & will fuck if we have some look outs

  • Gosport

    * Don't use anywhere along Stokes Bay as all the Gosport Dogging locations along there are being patrolled 247 and recently a guy was prosecuted and got his name plastered all over The News. Hampshire police are being real twats right now - If you do want to meet with a couple from gosport we know a few private places where you can have fun around Rowner so drop us a line

  • New Forest Dogging

    * We live in the New Forest and use loads of locations such as Stoney Cross at OcknellĀ and Ringwood. If you fancy meeting us drop us a line but only admirers of BBW dogging wives as my wife is every bit big and beautiful

    Dogging near Beaulieu, its by the old airfield on the A3054, just past hatchet pond on the Lymington road, turn right onto the old airfield - best for late night action

  • Lyndhurst

    * any couples want to meet for dogging in Lyndhurst? I know places but don't want to post them as so far they are very private. I'm a single bifem thats looking to meet with other females and couples ( before I arrange meets with couples I will want to chat with the female on the phone)

  • Bournemouth

    *We used use Meyrick Park Car Park lot but right now its either yobs or police stopping the action and a lot of the couples that used to use it have moved onto to other places around Bournemouth and some have now moved to Bow Brickhill Golf club - but watch out for the grounds mean - if you want to meet private mail me

  • Winchester

    *Anyone fancy helping me give my wife a bukkake dogging night? I'm looking for 4 guys to wank over her whilst I watch. We use the lay-by on A31 Winchester to Alsford, go to the far end and there's plenty of action going on with couples. Drop me a note and I'll give you more details and dates - P.S I will want to take photos so no camera shy guys.

  • Hayling Island Dogging

    * hi guys we are a new couple to Hayling Island and looking for dogging meets, someone told us about some dogging by the sand dunes but we can't find them. If anyone want to meety with a couple with an extremely horny wife thats more than up for some bukkake dogging drop us a line

    We have a caravan on hayling beach anyone fancy meeting us tonight for some outdoor sex? its a lot more comfortable than in the bushes or the back of a car, send us a message and I'll give you more details

  • Andover Flashing Wife

    * we are a couple that live in Andover that enjoy outdoor exhibitionism / voyeur sex with couples ( no single guys) if your interested in meeting around Andover drop us a line for location details - please note this is for couples for flashing / voyeur sex only

    * A34 dogging - B4640 Layby. easy to find as its by the Tot Hill Service station. take the B4640 and the layby is 100 yards on the left. Best to park up then use the woodland next to it

  • Crookhorn

    * We've been using the golf club near crookhorn shops - nice and private so drop us a line if you want to meet or better directions

  • Aldershot

    * Anyone fancy meeting a bimale on Ockham Common for some oral sex only? From the A3 take the left going towards Guildford and look for Ockham Common its sign posted and easy to find. Theres two car parks so drop me a line and I'll let you know which one I'll be in

If you want to find the best locations and meet with couples then join us and post your details within the Hampshire dogging forums then you can be sure someone will not only come back with a location but may even want to meet up for some outdoor NSA sex

As basic membership is free it won't even cost you anything to find out .................


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