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HertfordshireWith over 25 pages of profiles it really doesn't matter where your Hertfordshire dogging needs rest you can be assured we will have the local Herts dogging contacts

Theres no dought that the Hertfordshire Dogging & swingers scene is strong, mainly due to its close proximity with London so member count is HIGH. But with this also means that finding local meets does take planning & even more important finding safe & current Herts dogging locations

This is where a strong online dogging community comes into play and whilst many will say the idea of going online to pre arrange meets takes the spontaneity away for me its far safer to arrange a meet via the free community features we offer all our members - These features include

  • Local dogging forums by region around the UK
  • Member blogs where times and detailed locations are posted along with photos
  • Message Boards where members can talk directly to others
  • Chatroom's for one on one discussions - If a paid member also webcam chatroom's

To give you some idea whats being posted I've added some samples below - but for a full list of members use the link under the photos, or better still if you want to find used Hertfordshire dogging sites join for FREE or PAID today

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All photos are current members and whilst these Hertfordshire flashing wives & dogging photos have been eddied you get a pretty good idea just whats offered by the Herts wives here ..........lots of dirty outdoor sex !!

  • Hertford

    * I was told about dogging site at Foxholes Industrial estate, by Beltech but I've been a few nights and its pretty dead, if any males want to meet for some bi dogging sex drop me a line and I'll give you times when I'll be around

    * Driving from from Hatfield heading down towards Hertford take the first left, which goes uphill and towards Tewin / Sele Farm. Then take the first left off of the roundabout onto a dirt track that will take you to an open car park and drive to the end

  • Old Redding, Harrow.

    * This car park is a active spot mostly weekends with couples & singles, its easy to find as you just drive past Altered Pub on the road between Harrow Weald / Oxhey.

  • Puckeridge A10 Dogging

    * most nights for gay cottaging at the layby on the A10 next to pearces shop. some couples use this but mostly gays dogging

    *WARNING* a guy was caught cottaging recently so watch out if you visit this location

  • Borehamwood

    * Anyone fancy fucking my BBW dogging wife in the forest at scratchwoods? Its just off the A1 / A41 Barnet bypass but best to drop me a line and I'll give you details of which carpark we use - just make sure when you pull in you watch out for potholes as theres loads and you'll struggle to get the AA to call when they know your at a dogging site LOL

  • Welwyn Garden City

    * anyone up for meets at stanborough parks car park for some nsa fun. We are heading out this weekend so drop us a line

  • Stevenage

    * Anyone wanna meet at Fairlands valley lake? loads of meets and most nights someone getting fucked on picnic tables

    * North Road. A Gym called 'Active 4 Less' The carpark is empt at night and hidden. No barriers to stop you getting in and there are discreet areas of the carpark. Secluded by bushes.

    * Try the car park opposite fairlands football ground seen some action going on but we've just started using the enterprise centre orchard road stevenage
  • Watford

    * Riverside Rd theres a small car park thats over the bridge by the small field seen a bit of action

    *Anyone fancy some Watford tranny outdoor meets? Head down Accommodation Rd along Watford football club,once at the bottom look for the ticket office and I'm usually there most nights in my ******* car. Drop me a private message and lets meet

  • Potters Crouch

    * Do you know the woods at Potters Crouch? trust me theres loads of action going on with couples and single guys gay/bi its easy to find the junction by Ragged Hall Lane & Furzebushes Lane drop me a line and lets meet .

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