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kentWant to find Kent flashing wives as in this couples top photo? well I think its pretty clear just where this Kent dogging wife comes from although I don't know when this signpost me if I did i'd be there especially if she's going to be there like this flashing pic

Whilst its true Kent is often refereed to as "The Garden of Eden" personally with the amount of dogging locations within the region of Kent I think it should be change to " Dogging Garden of Kent! ......don't that will pass the local non dogging contact some how LOL

The key to finding GOOD and better still current locations is to ask the Kent dogging contacts and swingers directly and the best place to find them is via a adult contacts website, but you only want to join one thats got a good strong member base and better still LOADS of Kent Swingers & dogging contacts..............and you've just found one!

We have over 2,000,000 members albeit not all from Kent but we still have a LOT and so that you can see I've posted direct and free access to all Kent Contacts so that you can read profiles yourself, however its the forums section where the dogging locations are

Posted below are some sample forums posting so you can read current Kent dogging locations but as membership is FREE hopefully you'll join us and start meeting up with some local horny Kent flashing wives & dogging contacts

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  • Maidstone

    * Anyone know of any Maidstone dogging locations? we used to Cobtree Manor Country Park and for some time it was a great place to meet up but now the gates are shut at night so we need to find another location - P. S we've heard about outdoor meets at Hothfield common near ashford but it was just guys cottaging no couples... elp?

  • Chilham

    *Try the car park by Chilham-toilet, its open all night so loads of bi / gay meets with some couples.

    *From the Chillham village head down school lane for a mile, go right when you get to the end where theres a small car park thats very secluded and you have the advantage that you can see people driving down the lane. We are a mature couple and would love to meet with younger guys for oral meets as my wife loves sucking guys off and yes she always swallows - this is for oral only. .

  • Bromley

    * anyone want to meet at Norman Park on Bromley common? we are a couple and love the dogging scene. If you fancy meet in a safe outdoor meet then its a great place to meet and TOTALLY safe .

  • Ashford Cottaging / Dogging

    * I looking to meet with gay guys cruising or bi males for sucking only meets at either toilets, parks, car parks etc. I sometime use Hothfield Common but watch out for some under cover police & surveillance cars. If anyone knows other Ashford locations drop me a message and lets meet . Updated I've started using Wye Hill as thers a layby you can meet then head of somewhere more private ...check it out

  • Thanet

    * Kent dogging Tranny for meets with str8 or curious guys who wanna try fucking a tranny. I can meet at the beach car-park between St. Mildreds & Westbrook and just get thier for cock sucking and more. Love meeting with first timers and sorry but no overweights .

    * Try the Lay by just off Potten Street Road near Thanet Way roundabout its covered from the main road by large trees and you can always vanish into the bushes just watch out for people heading home using Potten Street Road

  • Medway Dogging

    * We are a couple and will be out having some fun around Medway ! We are looking for couples that fancy meeting up sat evening who fancey meeting up a Blue Bell woods for some outdoor sex. Anyone up for this? drop me a message

  • Canterbury

    * Towards Canterbury using the A2, then take the slip to Canterbury, drive across lights, with white house (left), then pull onto the drive and the gates are normally shut but NEVER locked, pull into the yard. Its a new location and just want to get details out to other Canterbury Dogging contacts. Was there last night and a tranny was getting a lot of attention but not my thing.

    * anyone want to meet at Kingswood for some outdoor sex in the forest? We are horny couple thats looking for Canterbury dogging meets and use Kingswood. Must be clean and happy to meet with single males so drop us a line for times

    * Thornden Wood Car Parks theres 2 car parks by Thornden Wood Road the first one seems to be bi /gay guys but the one on the left is where we've been meeting ...update police are moving parked cars on so be careful .

    *Kent Marshes meets anyone? or Trenley Park Wood just off Stodmarsh Road..just pull into the lay by and head into the trees on Trenley Park

  • Faversham

    * Driving from Canterbury / towards Faversham at the roundabout take first left this onto Brenley lane you can park either side of the road with loads of couples sorting meets. Great for voyeur husbands ( yes thats me) males and females.

  • Dartford Heath

    *If your looking for bimale dogging / gay try the dump near Dartford heath. Its just by the football ground and theres parking. Most of the action is in the woods and I'm a Kent tranny looking for meets with admirers. You do have to watch out for the police as they are moving people on, but thats half the fun, well not getting caught

    * We used to use Dartford viewpoint but its been closed and now looking for new meets, anyone fancy pointing a couple in the right direction

    * bi guy looking for meets on Shooters Hill just off the A2

  • Eureka woods dogging

    * Its over 8 acres of dogging action in the woods I've never seen any police just loads of couples & singles enjoying the outdoor sex. If you drop me a line I'll let you know when me and the wife are out, you just can't beat watching the wife getting fucked in the woods plus loads of nooks and crannies to explore for more private meets.

  • Tunbridge Wells

    * cottaging at the toilets in Calverley Park - loads of cock action all through the day

    WARNING - got pulled last week and told to move on, had the copper turned up 10 minutes earlier would have caught me sucking some guy of in the toliets. Just a heads up be careful and your better off having someone standing over the loo door to warn you of police coming your way

  • Detling

    * Layby A249 going towards Sheerness drive past the garage on left then follow signs Aerodrome industrial estate, theres always action going on - Update seeing a lot of police around A249 dogging location so watch out

  • Snodland / Birling Dogging
    * Hi we are new to dogging and looking for local meets around Medway, we recently had some meets at Holly Hill in Birling near snodland andone fancy meeting up? we are looking to meet males, females & couples

  • Dover Dogging warning
    * .Don't use the hills near Ayclife as the police are watch and pulling people over . I know some better locations around Dover so drop me a message

    Glory hole anyone? I've been taking my wife to a current gloryhole on Waterloo Cr on the beach she'll suck any guy off thats pokes his cock through the hole
    ....use it whilst its still active

The postings above are just samples and as we don't update these pages that often the best place to read current Kent dogging locations id via the forums

Join us today and not only meet up with other Kent couples but view thousands of contact going right across Kent that enjoy outdoor sex. The photos used here are all directly from members profiles


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