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LancashireIf theres one thing for sure if you looking for horny dogging meets then you really won't get better than Lancashire dogging members

Like most people within the Uk dogging scene their first point of contact when looking to meet with Lancashire dogging wives is the forums for the best up to date information, after all who better to ask than the horny dogging wives & contacts that are using these locations

The North West has a lot to offer both dogging & swingers but rather than just hitting the carparks and hoping or if your considering try a club the members can offer you advice and help on the places to head towards and its for sure we don't have a shortage of Lancashire swingers & doggers looking for meets

To give you some indication of whats on offer within the members section I've posted up some recent forum posting from North West members that are looking for anything from local dogging meets, flashing wives & soft dogging meets ( voyeur sex)

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The information posted below is from forum postings by members within Lancashire and in some cases details have been changed to protect members full details - As membership is FREE and this will give access to the forum why not join us

  • Singleton

    * We used to be users of the layby on Lodge Lane but as most people will know round here least the Singleton dogging members its been pretty well shut down now with a frigging fence and for icing on the cake theres a mobile snack van parked up all week, fine if you want a cuppa not if you want to enjoy watching your flashing wife also watch out for plain clothes police BE CAREFULL - Anyone know any other locations? drop us a message and lets meet .

  • Sadben

    * We live in Clitheroe but the council have shut most of the dogging meets down there now so use Sadben thats just on the outskirts. Its a small village close to Pendle Hill. Head towards the top of southern hills as theres a wooded area with two dogging carpark areas. It does seem the Lancashire crossdressers like using this location as well but they will often just wait around in cars - Its a very safe location as you can see for miles around and anyone heading towards you. The wooded area is the best place

  • Ramsbottom

    * Anyone fancy a meet at Nuttall Park CarPark its off the M66 for heading from Ramsbottom, take the left past first set of traffic lights then drive past the garden centre and next left at traffic lights and look out for sign post Nuttall Park take left straight down on right. We've been using it and love watching my wife flashing at doggers so drop us a line for meet .

  • leyland

    * Worden Park dogging anyone? easy to find just pull into the main carpark off Worden Lane. We normally meet in the carpark then head over towards the lake as theres lots of places you can meet in private - We are a young couple and I love seeing my wife getting fucked so drop us a line

  • Preston Dogging Couple

    * We use the Moor Park car park by North Ends Deepdale Stadium but with all the media hipe about this location and that dogging escorts seem to be hanging out we are looking for other Preston dogging locations. We are a couple and looking to meet guys so drop us a line if you know safe places to meet

  • Wythenshawe

    * try Asda car park its not the most used location but I've had some meets with other bimales for oral sex. Any bi or gay guys wanna meet for some cock sucking in my car?

  • Southport

    * If you use Portland field don't the police are watching and we've started using Ainsdale beech near Southport and whilst the weekend is when the most people are around we prefer mid week meets only thing is down drive too close to the sand as its soft as hell and the car will get stuck - if you want to meet let us know and I'll tell you details when we will be around

  • Pennington Flash Country Park

    * St Helens Road located between Lowton and Leigh in Manchester. Due to the size of Pennington Park your better off dropping us a line and we'll tell you which car park we are using. My wife loves getting fucked on the picnic tables at near the rear of the Information building if you know where we mean contact us just watch out for couples walking dogs

  • Horwich

    * Try Rivington Barn - to get there from the A6 & M61 following directions towards Rivington Barn once past half a ml take right at Belmount Postal Office then follow road half a mile and you'll find the Witches Tower car park on the right. We've had action there most nights

  • Burnley

    * WARNING - don't use Mill Hill Picnic Area the police are hitting ity hard right now and we got stopped last week but let off with a warning ......twats!! anyone know any good Burnley dogging sites to meet ? drop us a line

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