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West Yorkshire Dogging Story - Leeds cuckold dogging wife


This Leeds dogging couple join to find local contacts and from reading them they soon started meeting with West Yorkshire Dogging contacts cuckold dogging story

LeedsPeople join dogging sites for one reason to find current locations and meet with males and couples. This Leeds dogging couple were what you could class as a seasoned West Yorkshire dogging couple but there preference is now pre arranging meets

Read this edited story and the reason it edited is simple its Soooooo fucking long, log in and check there blog out to read other stories from around Leeds dogging locations -

We are not newbies to the Leeds dogging scene although to this site, yes, but we joined to hopefully arrange more meets as so many of the locations we’ve used locally to us have either been closed down and we are finding ourselves heading further afield around Leeds & West Yorkshire, so we knew something had to be done if we wanted to carry on with our enjoyment of dogging sex

Once a member we soon got chatting to guys and we explained the cuckold husbands dogging sex we enjoy where my husband plays peeping tom and hides around the corner so he can watch me fucking other guys, needless to say this didn’t worry any of the Leeds guys we spoke with, so a meet was arranged

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I pulled into the industry estate and dropped my husband off around the corner so he could walk around and parking up I could see a couple of cars already parked. When dogging I don’t wear much, after all whats the point and had a little summer dress on and nothing else

I walked around and opened the back and sat back and waited for the guys to walk over, I knew what they looked like as I’d checked out their profile photos first, least using a contacts site to meet meets with Leeds dogging contacts meant you didn’t get any shocks when they walked up to the car

yorkshireThey got to the car and I took a better look and was pleased, they didn’t know that my cuckold was spying on them and they just assumed I was some bored wife that wanted more sex, little did they know my husband was just around the corner spying them dogging with his wife!! I started by pulling my dress off  and started playing with my tits as they watched.

I then sat on the edge of the car and opened my legs showing them my shaven pussy and I was by now dripping wet as I love exposing myself to strangers and having 4 guys watching me was more than I’d had for a little while and my pussy was dripping and nearly had me on the verge of cumming, especially know my cuckold was watching

I got myself comfortable and laid back opening my legs wide and started to finger myself, which had the desired effect and they each got there cocks out that were all rock hard! I carried on playing with my tits and clit keeping an eye on each one of them wanking off and this brought me off for my first orgasm

I moved away from the car now and naked knelt down in front of the guys and taking hold off 2 cocks started wanking them off and sucking them in turn the other two guys gathered around me, it was then I realised they would or could be blocking my husbands viewpoint so managed to move them around a bit.   

By now I was fully involved with sucking there cocks and letting them play with my tits & pussy and whilst sucking one guy I could tell he was going to cum so sucked him harder and he blow his load down my throat and grabbing his ass pulled him deeper and swallowed his cum draining him fully……that was my first load and as I love guys cuming down my throat like that it made me cum again

Turning my attentions to the other guys I was now gagging for a fucking so walked aroundf the front of the car and bending over the bonnet opened my legs and waited for the first guy to fuck me. He came up behind me and slipping a rubber on pushed his cock straight into me and started to fuck me really hard, so much he was making the car shake and whilst this was going on the other two guys were standing there waiting there turn

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