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dogging advertsIf you’re looking to the most up to dogging locations there’s only one place to head towards it’s the UK dogging forums that are frequented by UK dogging couples and thankfully wives flashing to us horny doggers

Its pretty well safe to assume your reading this so that you can meet up “safely” and enjoy the dogging scene and that’s means finding current used dogging locations and there’s only one place to turn towards that’s the dogging message boards & forums

Dogging message boards offer you the chance to meet and chat with others, swap photos of dogging wives, and better still find the safe places to meet with couples for some dogging sex, so read on and find the best places to meet and enjoy everything outdoors!

Dogging has always been popular within the swinging scene but unfortunately the police & councils do want to spoil our enjoyment by patrolling popular dogging spots and along with local councils locking up car parks & public parks at night.

Find safe dogging contacts with dogging message boards

You’d think this would stop the outdoor nocturnal activities of couples, but its not all its done is make them evolve the way they meet with dogging contacts and this is where UK dogging forums and members only contacts sites come into there own and better still to join these sites, least this one is FREE

The main advantage of using is a dogging forum is 1) getting current and used locations, 2) warning members of locations that are being patrolled 3) pre arranging meets 4) checking out wives flashing photos & photos of wives dogging!

Some will say that by pre arranging meets with dogging couples it spoils the spontaneity of the meet, but in my view advantages far out way the older fashioned exploits of dogging contacts by just turning up and hoping to meet with contacts

One reason hardcore doggers berate forums & contacts sites is they state true dogging is about sex with strangers and by pre arranged meets its NOT in the strictest sense of the word dogging, but if your talking to someone via a forum aren’t they still strangers? I think so

But the bottom line if your looking to meet with dogging couples and almost guaranteeing some car park action then the forums will offer you this and if you enjoy looking at photos of wives dogging a message board will offer this and some more

forum posted dogging photos from posted adverts - hence edited

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  • send messages directly to members
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  • arrange meets with members
  • sent private messages to couples

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