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Want to find the BEST Dogging Contacts in Wales ?

crossdressersOk lets be honest when it comes to hardcore dogging the Welsh dogging contacts make the rest of us look like pure amateurs !

Its a fact the Welsh love dogging and meeting for some outdoor sex or even a bit of flashing wives at some of these dogging meets around Wales either North or South, but finding places to meet when you have a county the size of wales can be a bit of daunting challenge

If your new to the scene then where do you find the best dogging locations around Wales? after all the latest Welsh national tourist board unfortunately doesn't list the best Wales dogging locations even though I placed a request to have this added ( funny never got a response)

But like most things the best people to ask are the Wales members that are using these dogging locations and the only place that you will find a collection of horny welsh members is within a wales swingers website and we have thousands of horny welsh members that regularly enjoy a bit of outdoor dogging meets around Wales

Want to see some horny welsh couples & find dogging ads

Posted below are some recently viewed adult contacts photos from wales along with direct and FREE access to all regions within wales, here you'll be able to read profiles from welsh couples that enjoy the dogging scene and are looking for contacts

But, its the forums sections where details of dogging meets are posted and to read this you MUST be a member as this way we know the information is private and you can directly post details and arrange meets with other couples & contacts from around Wales and better still membership is FREE and so is access to the forum, so it won't cost you anything to see just whats on offer

genuine members photos - hence images edited

Direct access to regions within wales and dogging information - and its FREE

Over time we will update this section with dedicated pages to regions within wales but in the meantime if you use the links above it will give you free access and then you'll be able to read first hand information from our dogging wales members

As a FREE members you'll have access to

  • 1000's of profiles listed within Wales
  • space to upload your own advert
  • viewing members submitted dogging photos from Wales
  • upload your own images
  • access dogging forums detailing location information
  • chat to members live using live chatroom's
  • access to free email account keeping all discussions private

plus so much more for FREE so if your looking for the best dogging locations in Wales and current used ones join us today


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