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WarwickshireWhen it comes to meeting with Warwickshire dogging couples you can trust me you won't be hunting for long and with the amount of dogging couples posting up details of Warwickshire dogging locations its just a matter of time before you start having some outdoor meets

With a West Midlands region and the amount of places you can meet it doesn't matter what type of contacts your after from soft swapping where its really about watching horny wifes flashing to full on sex with Warwickshire couples at outdoor locations

All the details listed on this page are taken from Warwickshire dogging forum posting and I'll be updating it over time to ensure the information is current and up to date. Times and days will edited out from the posting and if the Warwickshire couple have request full details will not be posted and you will have to send a message directly to them, but considering memberships free its not even going to cost you anything to join up

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And thats just a few of the great features we offer to members so that they can find Warwickshire dogging contacts and current locations - check out sample postings below along with local members photos and FREE link to view all profiles from Warwickshire

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photos edited to protect members - once inside the members section you have full access to all media and direct contacts details

  • Alcester

    * Anyone fancy meeting around Oversley woods? its easy to find and TBH its getting a bit slow so I thought I'd post up some details and see if I can pre arrange some meets. Its just off the A46, and look for sign post " Oversley Green" drive approx 800 yds down the track and the car park by the woods is where the action happens

  • Attleborough

    * Try using the Industrial Estate "Attleborough Fields" its a good place to meet and being a bit of a tranny admirer I've had some great meets with local crossdressers & trannies. Also couples use it

  • Kenilworth

    * Crackley Lane lots of action going on between couples and gay guys cottaging - Easy to find but you will need to watch out for patrolling police as they seem to be increasing patrols. We are a couple that live in Kenilworth and if you fancy meeting with a couple that love outdoor sex drop us a line as we know of some other locations that are a bit safer around Kenilworth

  • Warwick park - Kingfisher pond

    *Its a great location with loads of places to meet and we use the location just over the river bridge in St Nics Park just next to the sea scout hut also you can try following the path that runs round the lake to over the other side and theres loads of "private" places you can meet with Warwick dogging contacts - Best not to bother during the daytime as its the main run for the local high school - if you fancy meeting with a mature couple drop us a private message and I'll tell you where and when we'll be

  • Rugby

    *I'm a bimale thats looking for oral meets with other guys - I'm married so have to be discrete but I've just started using an old barn for meets just on the outskirts of Barby, whilst I know theres other Rugby cottaging / dogging locations I'm not happy about getting caught so whilst the barn isn't on the beaton tracks its also not on the radar !!! Its located on the Kilsby Rd by a deserted farm send me a text message and I'll give you better details and times

    Try just past the ambulance station car park & Brownsover Hall at the end of the road where a quite car-park is. Loads of couples meeting up.

    anyone fancy meeting a horny dogging tranny for dogging sex in Rugby? I've posted some recent photos so please make sure before contacting me I get to see you first. I've been using Cock Robin Wood carpark, by Sainsburys superstore on the main Dunchurch Rd, if you fancy meeting up drop me a message

  • Shipston on Stour

    * Its one of those few genuine dogging locations where couples can meet up if your local try Fosse Way, South past Treddington as there's a quite layby by the right hand side. We've been using it for a while but its only for night time dogging meets

We are in the process of updating this page with current Warwickshire dogging locations but if you want to find the most current places to meet the meets people to ask are the couples posting in the forum and considering membership is FREE why not join us


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