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When it comes to Dogging in Wiltshire you'll need one thing a picnic blanket. This county is the home of Rural locations

wiltshireWith a county like Wiltshire theres one thing you need to except and thats a lot of the locations are more rural based.
Whilst this does offer a lot of benefits as in safer wiltshire dogging locations is does mean pre arranging meets is the only way to meet with couples

With over two thirds of Wiltshire being rural any of the newer locations that are being posted are by members saying to meet in a lay by then follow them onto some location maybe around Salisbury Plain for example, although most that use that refer to it as "plain dogging"

So it you don't want to get grass up ya ass bring your picnic rugs even more so if you want to take advantage of one of the many picnic tables left be the very kind Wiltshire council although I don't think there original plan was for horny Wiltshire dogging wife to lay naked on them ( see photo below)

The idea behind this page is to give you some idea of the messages that members are posting up with local dogging forums, message boards or dogging profiles but by far are these current Wiltshire locations and the best place to find that is within the members section ...........and considering its FREE it won't even cost you anything

Current photos Wiltshire Dogging wives

Please note - the photos posted on this page are random images & have been edited, for full list of current Wiltshire swingers & dogging members - click here

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  • Salisbury

    *I'm heading out to the Plain for some dogging any couples fancy meeting up? I use a few places but find the Chitterne / Tilshead

    * A36 on Southampton Rd just by the college in the car park its not the most private of places but I''ve made contacts in the past and then driven on somewhere less in the open.

    * Queen Elizabeth Gardens any bi guys fancy meeting up? Theres a private / quite toilet block and best round the back - also try the medical centre I had some action last night with some horny suaddie that said he was straight but wanted a blow job ...I happily helped him out

  • Amesbury

    *I've just moved to Amesbury and looking for local dogging meets. We are a couple and you will need to be an admirer of BBW wives as my wife is a big women. We were told about a place near Beacon Hill going towards Cholderton but can't find it !! - anyone fancy helping a horny couple out, in return you can shag the mrs

    * I know a REALY cool place to meet up near Amesbury drop me a message and we can meet. We are a young couple and my wife loves oral with older dirty males the older the better

  • Swindon A20 dogging

    *Along the A20 between Swindon - Oxford look out for Badbury Clump car park Faringdon some good action going on with mostly couples and some dogging trannies .

  • TogHill

    * I'm sure you've heard about dogging location Tog Hill, well if your considering don't its so patrolled you will get pulled over and if caught they will charge you...yes I know as I was recently. If you want safer locations drop me a message as whilst I may have had my knuckles slapped I still love dogging and use private outdoor meets

  • Chippenham

    *Derry Hill Woods / Bowood - most people around Devizes know the Bowood estate and theres a quite place where couples are meeting as its got loads of quiet wooded bits

    * Its the old meat factory ( Hygrade) just down Westmead lane normally some car parked up most nights take the turning just before the Emery Gate, then just past the factory as theres a few quiet places to meet.

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